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Some Reviews:

Globes, October 16th, 2015

"The opening concert of the NKO under the baton of Shalev Ad-El gave an excellent answer to the question, why is it still worthy to go to concerts"


Haaretz, October 14th, 2015

The NKO  and Shalev Ad-El presented King Arthur, and the result was grandiose. 



The Gazette, Montreal, December 4th, 2007
"12 of Europe's leading baroque musicians crowding the small stage were offering an all-Bach program with a compelling mix of zeal and academic reverence. Shalev Adel led the fifth Brandenburg Concerto with flair for the work's shock factor. As the cadenza delved into increasingly tangled chromatic territory, his dazzling finger work and dramatic phrasing were daring - and riveting. As a festival opener, the program featured Bach at his most cheerful; it was performed with what came across as sincere, absolute elation."


Haaretz, April 22nd, 2007

"Ad-El brought all the marked characteristics of this style with him to the orchestra, especially the direct relationship, devoid of sentimentality and preening towards Bach and the composers of his time. It was a pleasure to observe the link between the conductor and the orchestra, and to be present during the metamorphosis the players underwent under his baton. Ad-El is one of those conductors who knows how to retreat as far as possible from the beam of the floodlights. True, his presence is imposing, but he never attracts attention."

​New York Times, March 2nd, 2002

"Ad-El conducted a vibrant, well-paced performance from the harpsichord, and the Oslo Baroque Soloists gave a robust, beautifully balanced account of the choral music."

Washington Post, April 3rd, 2001
"Ad-el's detailed articulation and rythmic zest, turned his two-manual harpsichord into an orchestra."

UK gamba society - Compact-Discs, 1997
"This riveting performance show the pieces off in their true colors, demonstrating a finely judged balance between virtuosity and introspection."

Gramophone - November 1997
"Fluent fingerwork, vital rhythmic flow, and I like the way he deals with the long sequence of the extraordinary modulations."

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung - October 8th 1997 (of a performance with the Halle Philharmonic Orchestra)
"Ad-El inspired the orchestra that was full of excitement to serve the music of Rameau."

Le Bien Public - June 26th 1996
"The choir under the direction of Ad-El has created the strongest emotions with their immaculate pure and close to perfection performance."

Frankfurter Allgemeine - June 1994 (of a performance of the oratorio Solomon by HŠndel in the HŠndel-festival in Halle)
"It was a most convincing performance of the orchestra and the singers through a virtuous leadership of Shalev Ad-El."

Ostsee Zeitung - June 23rd 1992
"Unforgettable peace of mind and fascination in an incomparable St. Johns Passion under the direction of Shalev Ad-En."

Slovenec, Ljubljana - August 4th 1991
"Ad-El's interpretation displayed purity and amazing tone intensity. He persuaded those who blame the harpsichord for lack of means of expression and proved he is one of the most important performers on the harpsichord in Europe."

Moss Avis, Norway - November 28th 1988
"Ad-El's interpretation was phenomenal. He enabled the audience to realize what is real art."

L'echo de la Bourse Brussels - December 16th 1987
"The beautiful technique had contributed to the beautiful interpretation."

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